How to Choose a Sacramento Janitorial Service Company

Many different businesses use a janitorial service. For one thing, it can actually help businesses cut costs. It can be much cheaper to put all of your necessary cleaning services together, like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and cleaning in general, and package them up for one price. Doing so can also be much cheaper than paying employees an hourly rate to clean.

Cost: One thing that you should consider when you are choosing a janitorial service company is the cost. In this industry the words, “you get what you pay for couldn’t ring truer. Most janitorial services have decent rates, but if you come across a janitorial company whose proposal is exceptionally lower than all the others then you should be weary! These companies have to cut costs somewhere.

Experience: You also need to look at the experience and the reputation of different janitorial service companies in your area. Choose a company that has been around for a long time and has a fantastic reputation in Sacramento. Ask companies for references and check them. A good janitorial service won’t hesitate to give you some references to check out.

Reputation: If a janitorial service you’re considering is a member of a group like the Better Business Bureau or the independent Maintenance Contractors Association, it’s a good bet that the company itself is reputable. These organizations have been around for many years and have established business protocols that can only benefit you. If you hire a janitorial service with these groups behind them, you’re likely to get a very good service.

Quality: For janitorial services in Sacramento, quality work is central. The company you choose should use high-end products and equipment. In addition, the employees of the service you choose should do thorough work. If your building is dirty, this only bodes ill for both you and your business, because you present a poor impression for potential tenants and clients, both.

Attention to detail: The Sacramento janitorial company you choose should pay close attention to detail. For example, one of the questions you should ask is how often the operations managers will be in contact with the business owner. Why is this company better than other companies in regard to attention to detail? Ask tough questions, and expect fair answers. If the janitorial service is top notch, you’ll get the answers you want.

Bonding and Insurance: It is very important that the janitorial company that you choose is properly bonded and insured. You don’t want to risk something happening in your building and the building owner being held liable. Bonds will also prevent the building owner and the tenants from theft. Not only should the company itself be bonded, but all of the employees should be bonded as well.

It’s not that difficult to find a good janitorial service, but it can take some time. Make sure you interview several different janitorial companies and compare bids and services between each. Remember as well that just because someone comes in with the lowest bid, that doesn’t mean that company should get the job. Instead, focus on quality service and fair pricing.

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