Cleaning Windows – The Best Tips On How To Do It

Many people have a difficult time getting their windows really clean. Much of the time this is because they lack knowledge and the proper techniques, and they don’t have the right cleaning supplies that are needed to get the job done. The professional janitorial services use certain supplies for a reason — because they work.

Use Plenty of Water: If you wash the exterior of the windows, make sure you use plenty of water to get rid of dirt that is accumulated on the window. Be a little bit more careful inside, you don’t want to have a puddle on your floor. Water is still one of the best cleaning agents and it is friendly to the environment.

Use Appropriate Equipment: You can use a squeegee like the professionals or you can choose one of the microfiber cloths that work fairly well. You need to use soap with a squeegee, but you can stick to plain water with the microfiber.

Clean Your Equipment: Whatever tools you use, make sure they are clean before you use them. Dirty equipment, including sponges, applicators, squeegees and cleaner will just leave dirt on your windows. You also need to rinse your equipment often when you do more than one window at a time. If you don’t you’ll be carrying the dirt over to the next window.

Cleaning Times: Don’t clean your windows in full sunlight, because the temperature of the window glass might cause streaking. Instead, clean the windows that get morning sun in the afternoon, and clean those that get afternoon sun in the morning. I realize that this makes two jobs out of one, but for most of us there are too many windows to do at the same time anyway.

Squeegee Tip 1: Always move your squeegee at an angle so that the water can run down the glass. You will get streaks if you don’t aim the rubber this way. If you get a chance to watch a pro you will see what I mean.

Squeegee Tip 2: You should always have a rag handy to clean the squeegee’s rubber blade after each stroke. This removes excess water from the blade which would otherwise leave marks the next time you apply it to the window.

Squeegee Tip 3: Overlapping your strokes is the most important squeegee technique. Don’t cut the strokes too close or you might miss a spot and leave a water mark on the window.

Squeegee Tip 4: Horizontal strokes work better than vertical strokes. Why is that? Because gravity makes water run down, it is easier to systematically clean the window with horizontal strokes. Just wipe the end lines of your strokes with a rag or microfiber cloth to eliminate water marks.

Microfiber: I personally prefer this technique as there is no specific technique that you have to learn. Just use plenty of water and you will get crystal clear windows again.

Secret Tip: If your windows won’t come really clean for some reason, when they’re dry rub them with a dry newspaper. It’s not the cleanest thing, but it really works, even for cars.

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